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cafesmartphone -
A community website which registers targeted audience with a screener and helps user build groups around the product (smartphone) and drive user participation through blogs, surveys, and polls. more...

Totaldevpro -
A website for Microsoft developers,is a premier online community that encourages developers to rate products and companies, leave comments, provide feedback, and interact with other developers via email and messaging. Technical information paired with valuable user feedback turns the purchase into an experience, not a process, for developers. The community site is powered by Telligent’s Community Server, the world’s leading .NET platform for online communities and social networks. more...

Dobelong -
A social networking site aimed at creating networks between friends and families. The site offers CMS driven blogposts, image and video gallery, tagged conversations, dating, custom contact importer and a social calendar . more...




GBox works closely with a full-fledged market research agency and, have been delivering analysis and data reporting tools for various research managers at the client end. With the growing demand for online users.....


The BlackBox online marketing kit consists of comprehensive range of optimization applications for visitor acquisition, conversion, online analytics and channel analytics and works on a unified script concept. READ PDF

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