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With rising demand towards application that facilitates user engagement and measurement, GBox new modular collaborative framework helps enterprises build sites that easily help clients manage, know and communicate with their users.
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Targeted social sites for a specific product category help us understand user insight pertaining to the product. These websites offer their registered users, a bunch of EFM components like surveys, polls, blogs, reviews, rewards and coupons to enhance user participation, which will help us, understand buying insights and communication can be targeted accordingly. Blogs and Reviews help us understand user sentiments relevant to the product. The built in shadow application helps us monitor users by his active status on the site in terms of usability and content contribution.

Apart from developing custom social sites using FBML/OpenSocial, we also have a custom framework, that will help us deploy social networking sites in weeks. Click here, to read up on the framework termed ?Engage?


GBox works closely with a full-fledged market research agency and, have been delivering analysis and data reporting tools for various research managers at the client end. With the growing demand for online users.....


The BlackBox online marketing kit consists of comprehensive range of optimization applications for visitor acquisition, conversion, online analytics and channel analytics and works on a unified script concept. READ PDF

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